These are my recipes that I have either adapted from old non-vegan recipes or came up with after becoming vegan. Enjoy!


♥ Warm cucumber salad


warm cucumber salad veganMy boyfriend got me this thing called the Vegetti. It makes pasta out of vegetables, like potatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, etc.

I was experimenting with it the other day and made a delicious warm cucumber salad.

What you’ll need:
Some type of noodle slicer/maker or a really steady hand and…



♥ Banana Dessert – No added sugar & gluten-free!

A while back, I shared my new found love for ice cream that didn’t have any cream in it to speak of! It was completely, 100 percent, fruit. And it was delicious. Friends, I have yet another lovely frozen fruit dessert for you to try…


♥ Grilled “Cheeze”

Tomato-Basil Vegan Grilled Samich - Photo By Rebecca Gourley

Tomato-Basil Vegan Grilled “Samich” — Be sure to leave room around the edge of the bread, don’t let your tomatoes and basil try to peak!

All of the ingredients can easily be found at any major supermarket! First, you’ll need some vegan bread. I used potato bread, but any bread will do. You’ll also need one roma tomato, some of  your favorite hummus (I used roasted red pepper), fresh basil, and your favorite vegan butter. Instead of butter, I actually used Earth Balance’s Coconut Spread.  You’ll also need some Tofutti cream cheese (or you can make your own cream cheese!)…


♥ Salad dressing – back to basics

saladI have been trying to experiment will salads for a while now. Really, there are endless possibilities when it comes to what you can pair with greens. But what people forget about is the amount of sugar and nasty chemicals that are in bottled salad dressings. This is why I have recently begun to make my own!…



 Chocolate Monkey Smoothie

WP_20140304_11_39_07_ProThis smoothie recipe was inspired by my classmates from highschool, Jerilyn and Marina. We made chocolate monkeys with bananas, chocolate ice cream and chocolate syrup. They were really good. I wanted to make a vegan-friendly and healthier alternative though!…



Homemade Vegan Ice Cream

Sorry this picture isn't that great. I ran out of patience and I wanted to eat it so bad!

Sorry this picture isn’t that great. I ran out of patience and I wanted to eat it so bad!

When deciding to go vegan, I knew I was going to have issues with ice cream. Tonight, all my worries and misconceptions made a U-turn and ended up in flavor town! I madestrawberry-banana ice cream. With no milk, no added sweeteners, no ice, nothing. Just fruit….



Tomato-Basil Soup

(Picture coming soon)

I adapted this recipe from an older recipe of mine that used regular sugar and chicken broth. Just a few quick changes made it vegan and amazing! If you don’t really like the taste of onions (or you do) this is a good soup for you. The onions I used aren’t strong and I could actually slice them without crying!…



Orange-Berry Immune-Boosting Smoothie

Orange-Berry Smoothie

Orange-Berry Smoothie

Whether you’re feeling under the weather or you’re proactive about your health, this amazing smoothie “recipe” can give your taste buds a tingle and your body a boost. You don’t need a juicer, but to get all the benefits of the OJ without all the added sugar, I suggest you juice the oranges (or tangerines) yourself. But if you simply don’t have a juicer, opt for an organic raw orange juice instead of regular OJ….



♥ Healthy Re-fried Beans & Veggies

This is a recipe (it’s written within the post, not in actual recipe format since I kind of winged it) that I came up with on a whim. It uses organic, vegan re-fried beans, veggies and coconut water!…


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