Frog’s Eye Salad | My Vegan Thanksgiving

This recipe is an old family recipe that gets made for every single major holiday and for special occasions. I’m not going to lie, it’s super delicious.

It’s a sweet dish with fruit, tiny pasta and whipped cream. Sounds simple enough, right? Well it is, but it does take two days to complete.

Ingredient break down (makes a lot! You should probably cut this in half if you want to try it)

1 – 12-oz box of Acini pasta (little tiny pebble-like pasta, see photo below)
1 tbsp canola oil
2 – 20-oz cans of pineapple chunks
3 – 11-oz cans of mandarins
1 cup organic sugar
2 tbsp all-purpose flour
1 can of coconut milk (without any emulsifiers, see my pumpkin pie recipe for details)

pasta for frog's eye salad holiday salad vegan thanksgiving family tradition

Before cooking

Start by boiling the pasta in lots of water with the canola oil for 10 minutes. Drain, rinse and set aside to cool.

pasta for frog's eye salad holiday salad vegan thanksgiving family tradition

After cooking

While the pasta is cooking, drain the pineapple, reserving the juice. You’ll need 1-3/4 cup of the juice in one of the next steps. Measure out the juice, then drain the mandarins and add to the pineapple chunks. You can discard (or drink) the juice that you don’t need (beyond 1-3/4 cups). If you don’t have enough pineapple juice to make 1-3/4 cup, add a little mandarin to make up the difference.

Add the juice, sugar and flour to a saucepan and cook over medium heat until the mixture thickens.

Set it aside to cool.

Once it’s done cooling completely, add it to the pasta, mix well and then put in the fridge inside an airtight container overnight. At this time, you can put your coconut milk can in the fridge to help separate the fat from the water. Also, remember to put your fruit in the fridge as well!

The next day…

Mix in fruit with pasta.

Whip up the coconut milk fat by carefully opening the can of coconut milk, scraping off the fat and mixing it using a hand mixer for a few minutes.

Add whipped cream to the fruit and pasta and mix well. Chill in the fridge until serving.

I’m sorry I don’t have any awesome photos for this post. I’m in the middle of cooking it right now for the first time. But, I know this recipe will work!

Here’s the box of pasta that you need. You can also use the tiny star pasta, they work awesome and are a little more festive.

pasta for frog's eye salad holiday salad vegan thanksgiving family tradition


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