Marshmallow Oreo No-bake Drops (Vegan)

Are you ready for a sugar high?! Well, good!

In an attempt to make “Oreo Crispy Treats,” I invented these! My oreo concoction didn’t set for some reason so I rolled the gooeyness into balls. But they were still sticking really bad to the plate (I wanted to take them to work). So what did I do? Yep! I rolled them in MORE sugar.

You’re welcome.


The only thing that may have been different in my recipe compared to the one I linked above is that I crumbled my oreos until they were was basically the texture of bread crumbs.  I hope that helps!

Melt 1 package of large marshmallows with 4 tbsp of butter (I used smart balance flaxseed oil butter) in a large bowl in the microwave until the marshmallows are huge. Stir it after every minute and melt until there are no lumps. Pour the oreo crumbs (a full ~16 oz. package) into the gooeyness and combine throughly. Let it cool until it’s just slightly warm.

Then spoon a dollop of the goop into your hand and roll into balls.  Roll it in some unrefined cane sugar (organic so you know it’s vegan) and pop it into your mouth!

Good luck! 🙂


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