Vegans should eat at Taco Bell! No, really, I’m serious.

Hey Guys! 

So it’s been a while since I have posted to this blog. Sorry! Life has been a little insane to say the least. I have been expressing my vegan ways on this Facebook group called Veganism to get me by in my absence on this blog. 

But, I did want to post something here for good measure. 

I have been seriously busy, but also busy making and finding some new vegan foods! One thing that I have come across recently is vegan cream cheese and vegan sour cream. Both are made by Tofutti, and both are DELICIOUS!

Just today I ordered an [altered] crunchwrap supreme from my local Taco Bell and came home to promptly put a dollop of vegan sour cream on it. DE-LISH! 

Vegan crunch wrap supreme from Taco Bell (with my added vegan sour cream).

Vegan crunch wrap supreme from Taco Bell (with my added vegan sour cream). [Sub cow (beef) for beans, add rice and tell them “No cheese or sour cream.”]

I know what some of you might say, “But Taco Bell as a fast food chain is not vegan- (or animal-) friendly and we shouldn’t support that!” But, we should! And I will tell you why.

Why is veganism not mainstream? It is my general assumption that vegans have traditionally not gone out to eat because they figured there was nothing they could have. Therefore, there has been no demand for vegan food. By going to places that don’t have “vegan” options listed on the menu, you are creating more awareness and demand for these items. 

What if everyone that went to a Taco Bell in a given day ordered their items without cheese and meat? Do you think at least the manager would take notice that no one bought any animal products that day? What if on that same day, everyone that ordered at that Taco Bell did the survey on the receipt and they told corporate how awesome it was that the employees were so willing to adhere to their vegan lifestyles? I think Taco Bell (in a grand sense) would take notice. 

The truth is, we have been too willing to let these big companies continue to desecrate animals. WE are letting it happen by not speaking up with our wallets! You know what we try to tell parents, that teaching abstinence doesn’t work? Well it’s the same for veganism. By not buying and customizing food like the Crunchwrap Supreme, you aren’t really making a difference in their pocketbooks. But, letting them know that we WOULD be a paying customer if they had options for us vegans, WOULD make a difference! 

Just some food for thought for you. 

Spread happiness today! 🙂 



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