Warm Cucumber Salad

My boyfriend got me this thing called the Vegetti. It makes pasta out of vegetables, like potatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, etc.

I was experimenting with it the other day and made a delicious warm cucumber salad.

What you’ll need:
Some type of noodle slicer/maker or a really steady hand and a sharp knife.
1 Cucumber
2 tbsp of your favorite balsamic vinaigrette
Any salt-free seasoning of your choice
Water for boiling

Cut or slice cucumber using the pasta maker or a knife. I did mine pretty thin.
Put pasta strips into a small pot with room temperature water. Turn burner to high.
Add 1 of the 2 tbsps of your vinaigrette to the water. Add your favorite seasoning. Stir.
Heat water with cucumber pasta in it until the water boils. Boil for a minute or two. Cucumber shouldn’t be too soft.
Strain water and let the cucumber cool slightly on a plate or bowl.
Dress with the rest of the vinaigrette and enjoy!


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