Making up new menu items at non-vegan restaurants

Tonight, there was a little get together at the local Applebee’s for a former coworker that just got a new job. I knew going in that finding a menu item that I could eat was going to be a challenge.

I poured over the menu several times with no luck and finally the waitress asked if I wanted to order anything. I said,”Well, do you have anything vegan?”

She looked at me like I had 12 heads. It wasn’t that she didn’t know what vegan was but she probably had never been asked that before.

After searched the menu some more (the waitress and myself) she said, “I’ve got it!”

I ended up ordering the “Three-Cheese Penne” without the cheese, adding bruschetta tomatoes and steamed broccoli. It wasn’t bad and I definitely appreciated the waitress’ efforts to get me some food.


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