Vegan Fast Food

I started my last quarter of college last week and haven’t been able to post anything on here since. It’s been a whirlwind the last week and a half. But, I got a job, an apartment and started school all within that time!

To get the subject at hand, vegan fast food.

I don’t eat fast food hardly at all. Mostly because it’s full of fat and usually not vegan. But, Taco Time has many options that can be adapted for a vegan.

Today’s dinner: Pinto Bean Tostado Salad (w/o cheese and choosing salsa as the “dressing”) and Mexi-Fries.

This is definitely not a low-fat meal but it is vegan! What common restaurants/fast food that you go to have vegan options?

mexi-fries (tater tots)

Mexi-Fries (Tater Tots)







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