Delicious GREEN smoothie!

I am liking these new green smoothies! And this time, the smoothie is actually green! I was challenged to add spirulina powder to my smoothies and not have it taste like pond water. And guess what?! Challenge accepted and conquered!

Green smoothie!

This is what I used:



Coconut water

Agave nectar (to balance spirulina powder)

Spirulna powder (half a tablespoon)

You seriously can’t taste the spirulina powder at all in this smoothie. It’s bright green, but tastes like sweet fruitiness. If you’ve ever had spirulina, you know that it smells like pond water. It also has awesome nutritional properties, like tons of protein and vitamin A! Yay, for protein on a vegan diet! Because, as we all know, that’s one of the “concerns” that newly vegan and “omnivore” people have about the vegan lifestyle.

“Where do you get your protein?” my mother asked me when I told her I went vegan.

Plants are really underestimated in their nutritional value.

Anyway, enjoy this smoothie!


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