First shot at “green” smoothies

So I have been hearing about these “green” smoothies for a while. I assumed it was just a bunch of green veggies blended together, and I thought, “Gross! I’ll eat mine instead, thanks.” But that’s not what they are at all! 

Today was a busy day, I was out for most of it and I took with me a few clif bars and some almonds to snack on. It wasn’t the most fulfilling plate of food. So when I got home, I was starving for a smoothie but I also hadn’t really had any veggies all day. 

ImageI must say, I was nervous that all the greens in this smoothie would “ruin” my delicious mango, strawberries, and banana. But it didn’t! I couldn’t even taste all the greens! 

I used a mango, about 7 strawberries (varied in size), and a banana. Then I added a huge handful of greens and some coconut water (about 16 oz). Blended all together, it was 32 oz of healthy deliciousness. It wasn’t appealing to those of us that eat with our eyes first, but I didn’t care. I was too hungry to care. 

Let’s just say that this definitely satisfied me and I am happy that I got some of my veggies in with this scrumptious little [huge] treat. 


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