Vegan popcorn – and it’s delicious

When you go to the movie theater and everyone around you is munching on delicious-smelling (but incredibly fatty) popcorn, you have this urge to go buy some. Well I do, anyway. But, never fear, there’s a vegan (and delicious) alternative!

Skinny Pop is incredible! And I’m not just saying that. In my opinion it’s better tasting than regular movie-theater popcorn. It’s not drowning in oil and fat.

It has no butter. All it is is popcorn, sunflower oil and wee bit of salt. I normally find it in the “health foods” or “natural foods” section of the grocery store.

I’ve seen mixed reviews about sunflower oil in general. Some say that it can help lower the bad cholesterol. Others say that it’s really high in Omega-6 fatty acids, and is in a lot of processed foods.

But if you need a craving buster for popcorn, this is definitely my first pick.

Warning: It’s addicting and you may eat an entire bag in one day. So, do yourself a favor, and buy the small bag first!


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