Try not to drool – Dinner and Dessert



Juice. Not your average appetizer by any means. But it gives my mouth something to do while I’m cooking other than stuff itself with snack food (or my dinner prematurely). This was an interesting pick. I had never had this brand, but it was good.

Kombucha Bilberry juiceThis is raw organic Kombucha (which I had to take a second look at the label to make sure I spelled it correctly). It’s slightly fermented and contains bilberry, honeysuckle and red clover. Have I lost you? Yea, me too.

Bilberry has its own listing on WebMD. Wait, what? It’s a plant though, right? Right! I didn’t actually read up on the ingredients of this drink, which I am now calling a medicinal potion, before buying the bottle. But, now that I have, I may have to get some more.

Diabetes runs rampant in my family and I actually have endocrine problems as well. Bilberry is supposed to help regulate blood sugar levels, increase circulation, and promote healthy retinas as a result.

Being vegan, I always want to make sure I am getting enough B12 in my diet, and this has 20 percent of my daily need per bottle.

The taste was about a 6 on a scale from 1 to 10. It’s got a sour, somewhat bitter, taste to it. But, the amount of vitamins and good-for-you stuff in it definitely outweighs the mediocre tap dance for my taste buds. It also has “trace amounts of alcohol.” Being a lightweight when it comes to that, I definitely felt those “trace amounts,” if only subtly.


Sauteed mini sweet bell peppersI made my veggie (non-vegan, has a tiny amount of mozzarella cheese) patty with sauteed sweet bell peppers in a dab of canola oil. The peppers were crunchy, not overcooked and the patty was deeeee-licious. It is pizza flavored and it definitely fills that craving.

Now to the part you all have been waiting for….


I made those raw vegan brownies that I linked to a few days ago. And let me tell you, they are incredible! If you love chocolate, they will definitely fill that chocolate void while still maintaining your waist line (as long as you don’t eat them all; don’t worry, I didn’t).

Stop drooling on your keyboard.

I made a few substitutions because I couldn’t find some ingredients locally. I used all cacao powder instead of some carob, and I used dried cranberries instead of goji berries. But, they still turned out amazing. And my non-vegan housemates like them too! They are friendly to everyone because I used agave nectar, which is a low-glycemic sugar that is better for diabetics (my mom and two brothers have type 1).

The challenge with this was that I don’t have a food processor where I live right now. I had to use a Magic Bullet for everything. Which, if you have used one of these for anything other than making watered-down smoothies, you would know that it jams easily. It basically spins and spins but doesn’t bring the food down to the blade so it creates it’s own little hole while grinding what’s on the bottom into mush.

Let’s just say, it was a very messy adventure.

If you have made these brownies or tried the juice that I talked about, comment below about what you liked/didn’t like! I’d love to hear of any flavors of the juice that are a little better and maybe some other substitutions to make the brownies even better (or maybe where to find goji berries)!

Thanks for reading.


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