Vegetable Pad Thai – It’s vegan… I think

Eating vegan Thai food!

It’s a little pixelated because it was taken with my boyfriend’s phone.

My boyfriend and I went to see The Monuments Men (a must-watch by the way) and before the movie we went to the mall food court to get dinner. I kind of like going to “normal” places to eat to see how creative I can be with asking for vegan options.

I really wanted some noodles, but I know that normal Pad Thai has egg in it. So I asked if they could make it without meat and without egg and with lots of veggies. They did! It was really good!

It wasn’t the healthiest meal because it does have oil in it, but it was still vegan! I’m pretty sure it was anyway, I didn’t ask what type of oil they used but I’m assuming it wasn’t animal fat because I told them I was vegan. 

Thanks for reading.

P.S. I went to the doctor yesterday for a followup on an issue I am having and I found out I lost 4 lbs this past week! Yay! Although, weight loss isn’t my direct goal with being vegan, it’s going to be a nice bonus. 


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