Emptying fridge and juicing do not work well together


This wasn’t my juice, but it looked like this!

I love juicing.

Last year, I did a juicing cleanse for 10 days. It was amazing. And every now and then I incorporate it into my new vegan lifestyle.

But today, I made the mistake of cleaning out my veggie/fruit drawer in the refrigerator and then juicing what I found. Altogether, I had two carrots (not bad), four apples (still not bad), a lemon (truly, not bad), a huge bunch of spinach (good…fiber?), and another huge bunch of lettuce.

It wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t drink it but I will definitely not do that again! Word to the wise, put slightly more fruit than veggies in your juice!


3 responses to “Emptying fridge and juicing do not work well together

  1. That actually sounds a lot like the ones I used to make. I was always told not to put a lot of fruit in them actually. My favorite was 1-2 carrots (not a fan of those), 1-2 apples, lotsa greens, a cucumber, a few mini sweet peppers, and a chunk of peeled ginger. It wasn’t like “oh em gee this is delicious!”, but it was actually pretty good, and I didn’t have to choke it down like some of the other combinations.

  2. Haha! Stick with it and maybe your taste will change. I made the “clean your fridge” mistake yesterday. What could one little leek do? RUIN EVERYTHING!!!

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