Valentine’s Day and sticking to a vegan plan

This weekend has been challenging. With prearranged Valentine’s Day plans at a seafood restaurant and a birthday party on Saturday at a pizzeria, it was certainly not easy to stick to my vegan ways.

My amazing boyfriend and I made plans to go to this really great seafood restaurant on Alki Beach in Seattle before I decided to become vegan. So, I tried to make wise choices based on what was available. I flopped on my choice of appetizers but I think I did reasonably well on the entree. 

Panorama of Seattle

For Valentine’s Day my boyfriend and I went on a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island and back to Seattle. We then went to a seafood restaurant on Alki Beach. Overall, an amazing day!

I ordered potato and leek soup, which I thought was going to be broth-based but it was cream-based, which was unfortunate. For my entree I ordered Alaskan King Salmon. I didn’t have a problem eating salmon this weekend because of all the choices on this menu, it was the most reasonable. Low in fat, high in protein, and Alaskan King Salmon is wild caught, not farmed. 

Now to the pizza place. I am happy to say that I ate 100 percent vegan! I had pizza with meat-less marinara sauce, olive oil, garlic and oregano. Was it the best pizza I have ever had? No. But it certainly hit the spot while keeping my lifestyle on track. 

Homemade peanut butter and celery

I made homemade peanut butter and put it on some celery pieces. Yum! 

Today has been awesome. Not only did I make my own peanut butter with dry roasted peanuts and agave nectar, but I made and tried almond butter for the first time! It was really good! But, I need to perfect the recipe and use a higher-powered food processor. 

Altogether, this weekend was a learning experience. There are vegan options wherever you go. Ask for “no cheese,” ask if they have a meat-less option. I am coming to find out that a lot of people don’t even know what “vegan” means so I just say, “does it have cheese/dairy/meat/_____?”

Tonight will be the ultimate test, I’m making vegan burgers with Tofurkey brand Italian sausage and potato, carrot, celery pulp with finely chopped peppers. I’m hoping it will be awesome, but we’ll see! I also bought some vegan cheese to try. If it turns out, I will definitely share the recipe! 

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