Is vegan-ism brainwashing? Yes!

Now, before you vegans go on a rant. Hear me out.

All my life I have been a meat/milk/eggs/cheese eater, until a few days ago when I had a revelation about food. I quit eating meat altogether and have definitely scaled back on the dairy products. Before I made the switch there was something about eating meat and animal products that didn’t sit well with me, literally.

brainwashing vegan

“Vegans are awesome” brainwashing. Changed and adapted by me from: Unknown source.

It was a Sunday, the day before starting my transition to being vegan. My boyfriend and I went to Panda Express. I normally get black pepper chicken, steamed rice, and spring rolls. I was super hungry, so I ordered all of the above plus a “serving” of string bean chicken. Why these entree choices? I am told by Panda Express’ website that they are the most “healthy” of the options, but I digress.

I ended up eating only a few bites of the chicken entrees, and about half the rice. The spring rolls, however, I finished first. Why am I telling you all this? Well, impatient grasshoppers, I was beginning to feel sick (not food poisoning or anything), but mind-sick that I was eating chicken. Mind you, the chicken at Panda Express is a bit of a stretch for a description, but that’s another topic.

Keep in mind that this was before I watched any “Be a vegan” videos on YouTube or Gary Yourofsky’s speech. But this was when I started having issues with eating animals and animal products. Something was starting to click in my brain, and looking back now I think my life has been building up to this moment.

Now, to get to the title of this post. Brainwashing? Are vegans just brainwashed into thinking that plain fruits and veggies are delicious without added salt, sugar, fat? YES! Well, realistically, no. But let me explain.

steamed broccoli

Do you know how many grams of protein is in this one stalk of broccoli? About 2g! That’s about 6 percent of your total daily needs for protein. It also has less than 1g of fat (0.3g), about 6g of carbs (the good kind of energy), a whole host of minerals and more than 100 percent of your daily needs for Vitamin K and over 60 percent of your daily need for Vitamin C.

I haven’t added salt to my food for several months and when you don’t add salt, your taste buds seem to adapt. Everything that was bland without salt has become vibrant and amazing. Steamed broccoli, for instance, is incredible! All fruit is obviously delicious, and even potatoes are great!

Vegans’ brains have a different idea of what is delicious. To a meat-eater, broccoli would be bland without a bit of salt and maybe some extra fat rolled in too because that’s what they are used to. Most meat is fatty and when it’s cooked, one normally adds salt to it for flavor. Which adds the wrong nutrients to an already bad start to a meal.

Now I have only been vegan for a few days now, but I can tell you that my mood has changed, my energy has picked up and I just feel more confident than ever. I have accepted my body because I know that with persistence and patience, I won’t have to look at it forever.

I feel like I have finally found who I am, and all you vegans have helped me! Especially my friend Ryell and her family. For 20-some-odd years they have showed me that living vegan or vegetarian is a good and healthy lifestyle. I finally caught on and I am loving it!


NOTE: Upon looking at the terms used on my food-logging website, I noticed discrepancies with the broccoli info. I have since updated it. Thanks!


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